Green Challenge Nigeria

Green Challenge Nigeria

A virtual program sponsored by Yoma and UNICEF and hosted on the Goodwall platform that engaged youth to learn about environmental sustainability, raise awareness around the issues that affect their communities and take actions

Nigeria | 12 May 2021 – 20 May 2021

The Green Challenge Nigeria was an initiative launched to pilot the use of micro-tasking in the context of green initiatives. The aim was to engage young people through a call to action to complete small real-life tasks and achieve measurable climate-related impact in their communities. The challenge design was informed by the results of UNICEF’s UReport poll conducted at the beginning of May 2021, which identified a drive from youth to learn more about environmental issues and interest in designing and pitching ideas to tackle climate change. Goodwall ( invited youth to first identify an environmental issue in their community, explain it, and do something to fix it. The challenge was launched by influencers sharing curated content to raise awareness and educate youth around environmental sustainability as well as to encourage them to partake in the challenge. Youth were able to participate submitting <60-sec videos, images and text and interacting through the dedicated hashtag page and group chat. Runner-up winner Rachel David (Lagos) cleaned gutters in her community to help avoid flooding. Sunday Egbo (Calabar) planted trees and encouraged his community to do the same. The national winner, Rayyaantu Abubakar (Kaduna), was awarded not only for her ability to properly explain the issue she identified – plastic pollution – but also for picking up the waste, recycling it into shoes, and turning it into a business by selling them. She received $250 as a reward, which will allow her to continue growing this innovative initiative in her community.

Green Challenge Nigeria was part of a larger initiative encompassing the Yoma ecosystem. Yoma is the digital marketplace for youth in Africa to develop their skills, find opportunities and achieve impact – while connecting to peers in a supportive community.

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