The Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk

A cards game that accesses a great level of understanding of climate change science in 3 hours, with a group

Global | 1 November 2018 – ongoing

The Climate Fresk’s purpose is to grow education about the causes and consequences of climate change. The GNO organizes online and offline workshops across the world based on the following pillars: – knowledge is the per-requisite for action – 100% science, no politics (all based on IPCC reports) – facing complexity requires time and facilitation: the workshops are facilitated by trained experts of the game and last 3h – it’s all easier when you’re not alone: each workshop gathers 6/7 people around a table. THEY play the game

The whole experience is based on 42 cards allowing to design a large scheme of causes and consequences of climate change, from human activities to climate consequences… on humans.

The workshops take place as follows ; Participants are to: – reconstitute the whole scheme in 5 rounds, helped by a trained facilitator; – express their creativity as a group, customizing and decorating the board; – share their emotions within the group; – discuss about how to switch from being flabbergasted to take action.

The GNO trains volunteers as well as professionals in order to let them spread climate education in 40+ countries already.

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