Generate an improvement for the planet through immersive and cooperative gaming experiences: play as a team, change reality

Global | 15 January 2019 – ongoing

Escape4change is an innovative project based on non-formal education and experiential learning. The adopted format is the escape room game but for educational purposes, so to offer an edutainment experience that fosters effective engagement in the game for people of all ages and strong motivation to commit for a change, as the experience consists of four phases: introduction to the topic, team game, debriefing and call to action. E4C is offered in five possible versions: 3 physical and 2 online escape rooms. The physical escape room “Climate Change” starts with a challenge: “Will you be able to survive climate change?”, and is set in Ethiopia, in the Afar region, one of the driest areas on the planet. By playing in a group, people have to find solutions to the riddles encountered. By becoming aware of how the difficulties experienced in the game are connected to our lives, players are stimulated to make a commitment to act on behalf of the planet, as Afar is the emblem of what could affect increasingly large areas of the world. In the online E4C “The phantom menace”, players have to help 5 activists to save the planet from “invisible” threats, including climate change. In E4C “Urban green” (physical) and E4C “Circular Economy” (both physical and online) players discover secrets and strategies towards a better ecological transition that contribute to avoiding the climate crisis. All escape rooms involve groups of maximum 6 people per turn, and are facilitated by professional educators and topic experts, both for guiding the game and the follow-up reflection. Physical escape rooms are built with ecological and light equipment that can be easily moved and set up in different places all over Europe.

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