Piccoli Passi Verdi

Piccoli Passi Verdi

A transdisciplinary project to help people become more sustainable through small steps and by exercising empathy towards others

Italy | 21 March 2019 – ongoing

Piccoli Passi Verdi (@piccolipassiverdi) is a project initiated by a group of 3 students to spread awareness on environmental and intersectional issues. The project now comprehends 6 women. We all come from different backgrounds (i.e. Biology, Environmental humanities, Graphic design, Arts, and Linguistics) and are committed to use a transdisciplinary approach for a wider and deeper understanding of environmental issues and how they intersect with social, political, and economic ones. We use a care approach to help as much people as possible to shift from an ego- to an eco-logical mindset. We use mainly Instagram as a platform for communication, and we produce weekly contents on climate change, climate injustices, environmental activism, but also zero waste alternatives and sustainable italian brands. Every content we create is published through pleasant and colorful graphics, to help everyone overcome the bias that committing to a sustainable lifestyle or being informed must always be difficult. Throughout our activity, we have also had the opportunity to organise and participate to events on sustainable food production and consumption. During the pandemic, we organised two seasons of interviews with environmental activists and experts. In the first six episodes we talked with artists, urban farmers and anti-specist activists on how their work intersects with climate change and environmental issues. The second season, on the other hand, focused on self-production for a sustainable lifestyle, to help people find creative ways of coping with the loneliness and often boredom during the second quarantine. We filmed seven episodes (on Instagram TV) on how to produce soap, fermented foods and detergents, and sewing. Every content is always backed up by peer-reviewed papers or trustworthy newspapers. In any case, we always list our bibliography at the end of every educational post and we are pleased when engaging in enriching conversations with our followers.

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