Climate Labs – The backstage of climate change

Climate Labs – The backstage of climate change

A photographic journey through climate labs and research camps to understand how climate science is made and the people behind it, to understand how we know what we know about climate change

Global | 1 October 2018 – ongoing

Climate Labs is a global photo-documentary project aiming to document some of the most important climate science laboratories in the world. Its goal is to raise awareness on climate science, climate change, and the related environmental and social changes through a visual narrative showing how science is done. It wants to uncover, by means of visual and written* storytelling, what is behind the numbers, plots, models, and maps that are shown in the climate change debate. The evidence of how and where the science is done and who is working on it will connect the viewer/reader to a world that is very often unknown and not understood.

Climate Labs doesn’t focus only on the most scientifically advanced countries and facilities, e.g. the United States and Europe, where technology and resources are impressive and where climate science has a long and fascinating history. It also covers developing countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, where climate science has recently become extremely advanced and where climate change is an important issue to millions of vulnerable people

Showing these peculiar places and the bizarre activities carried out in climate labs will make climate science more tangible and real. It will change the image of plots of increasing CO2 emissions or maps of above-average temperatures, to images of real people performing rigorous activities to produce the science needed to create these materials.

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