Climoji are a set of emoji that address major causes and symptoms of climate change, that provide a visual shorthand with which to communicate on digital platforms.

USA | 22/10/2017 –

Climoji (set 1) is comprised of 27 emoji denoting climate change-related causes and symptoms. Emoji are used to annotate feelings and to short-hand communication. Climoji serves as signifiers to amplify climate change and as new signs with which to express despair, hope, and solidarity. Smartphone users can download the sticker packs for iPhone and Android, and also use the Climoji PNG set in poster and screen applications. Despite modern technology and online communities, conversations about climate change are still not a part of one’s daily discourse. While there is an intellectual consensus on the effects of climate change, there isn’t an emotional one. Our challenge was to compress these complex concepts into a format that bridges a gap between the emotional and the cerebral. Pictograms have an ability to do that – they have both concision and open-endedness. They could convey the magnitude of a feeling or event quickly, economically.  They could be a nudge or a poke or a memento whereas a sentence doesn’t have that punch or that embrace. Climoji is that bridge – a tool, a shared language for us to question, communicate and reflect on our personal actions and our responsibilities as part of a larger community.

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