Initiative for a Safer Climate

Initiative for a Safer Climate

A network that brings together science, civil society and art to create new spaces for climate discussion and action under the umbrella theme of safer climate

Helsinki | Started on 05/04/2022

The Initiative for a Safer Climate (Safer Climate) aims to creating new spaces for climate discussion and action at the intersection of academia and civil society. We facilitate events, campaigns and dialogue to redefine the role of civil society in climate safety. Established in 2022, we are a growing community of researchers, students, non-governmental organizations and other civil society representatives, artists and creatives. We work together with climate security researchers and experts to better understand the risks posed by climate change and related phenomena from the viewpoint of civil society. Climate safety also refers to the concept of a safer space for discussion. Our collaborators include Finnish civil society organizations and, for example, the biggest Finnish film festival.

Our focus areas are community, climate safety and creative openings. During the past year, several events were organized including transdisciplinary network meetings, panel discussions, an outdoors movie screening, kids’ comic activities and showcases of Safer Climate work in scientific conferences. We aim to reaching climate and sustainability goals by changing societal structures by affecting people’s behavior, as well as strengthening the structural collaboration between academia and civil society. We work together with organizations and communities to build trust and need-based activities; time, space and experimental ways of working allow ideas and collaboration to emerge organically.

Safer Climate is based in Helsinki, Finland and is part of the Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC) that consists of University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, funded by the Academy of Finland. This allows us to work together with top-level climate and air quality scientists and other research networks.

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