Algumassa Energia

Algumassa Energia

A Facebook and Instagram page that aims to inform people about climate change, the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the use of renewable energy as a solution in Mozambique, a country which is frequently affected by cyclones

Quelimane | Started on 22/11/2022 – Concluded on 11/12/2030

Our project, “Algumassa Energia,” aims to inform people about the impacts of climate change and the social inequalities caused by these changes in third-world countries, with a special focus on energy. Mozambique is deeply affected by climate change. Through our initiative, we seek to raise awareness among the population about the need for a sustainable energy transition.

Our project emphasizes the importance of developed countries supporting the less developed ones in this transition. We acknowledge that many populations in developed countries have access to basic services that rely on non-renewable energy sources. However, we believe it is crucial to create conditions and provide funding to ensure that the energy transition does not deepen poverty in less developed countries.

Through our communication platforms, such as social media and a website, we provide clear and accessible information about the impacts of climate change, particularly in the context of Mozambique. We explain the challenges faced by local communities and highlight the importance of adopting renewable energy solutions.

Our approach also aims to raise awareness about the social inequalities resulting from climate change. We illustrate how vulnerable communities are disproportionately affected and how the lack of access to clean energy contributes to this situation. By highlighting these issues, we hope to evoke empathy and engage individuals in the pursuit of fair and sustainable solutions.

In addition to providing information, we encourage practical actions. We offer resources and guidance on how people can adopt energy-efficient measures, harness renewable sources, and reduce their carbon footprint. We also foster partnerships with local, governmental, and international organizations to develop projects and programs that drive sustainable energy transition in Mozambique.

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