A journalistic project dedicated to the coverage of climate crisis, environment, biodiversity and sustainability

Lisbon | Started on 22/04/2022

Azul is a project created in the Portuguese national newspaper PÚBLICO to cover issues related to the climate crisis, environment, biodiversity and sustainability. It has its own team of nine people (editors, journalists and people dedicated to video, infographics or webdesign) and works in different formats to provide a wide and complete information to readers – including a younger audience. We respond to current issues, but we also do more in-depth work: from breaking news to reports and studies, infographics and data journalism, podcasts, videos, interviews, explainers.

Azul innovates by being the first Portuguese newspaper to have its own team dedicated to the climate crisis. This is also important considering there are few journalists dedicated to environmental issues in the country and climate change has gained a giant prominence in current affairs and in our lives. The financing of Azul comes from a set of organizations (the partners Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Biopolis, Lipor and Sociedade Ponto Verde) that share its environmental and social concerns and guarantee the editorial independence of Azul. We created an Editorial Statute of Azul and an Advisory Board, whose regulation is made public (as well as the minutes of the meetings). Editorial independence is also ensured by the editorial board, editors and journalists and all internal instances of scrutiny of the newspaper. This partnership allows all the articles in Azul to be open access, even though the rest of the newspaper is exclusive to paid subscribers.

Azul is a digital project: it has its own website and social media. We also created a glossary of concepts that allows the reader to explore technical terms that are not always explained in detail in the news. In our articles, these concepts appear with a green shading so that the reader can learn more about it. Since its launch in April 2022 to May 2023, Azul has had more than 4,1 million users and more than 11 million pageviews.

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