The canals are clear thanks to the Coronavirus, but Venice’s existential threat is climate change

Can Venice, a symbol of the pandemic and climate crisis, be a model of rebirth?

Global | 12 May 2020 – 12 May 2020

My article talks about Venice as a city that symbolizes a wrong and no longer sustainable development model for our planet. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, brought to its knees by the absence of tourism, scientists and citizens reflect on the role of the city in the international context, with respect to climate change and a delicate balance between environmental and economic objectives long sought but not yet achieved. The article uses first-hand evidence, scientific data and the voices of the most authoritative experts in the sector to provide a concrete, real and human insight into the world-famous symbol city. Italy, which was at the center of the first wave of the pandemic, represented here by the city of Venice, is now in the balance for decisions that will determine its future and affect subsequent generations. Venice is therefore represented here as the symbol of a world that, in the midst of the pandemic crisis, cannot forget an equally serious crisis currently underway: the climate one.

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