Green Obsession, Trees Towards Cities, Humans Towards Forests

Green Obsession, Trees Towards Cities, Humans Towards Forests

Trees toward Cities, Humans toward Forests” is an approach to architecture and urban planning, but more importantly it is the way to imagine the future of contemporary cities

Milan | Started on 26/10/2019

Green Obsession: Trees Towards Cities, Humans Towards Forests represents the design approach that guides Stefano Boeri Architetti’s activity. The Bosco Verticale, designed by Stefano Boeri and built in Milan in 2014, has become the field of experimentation for greener architecture worldwide. Starting from the experience of the Bosco Verticale as an international icon of the relationship between the city and living nature, the studio develops architectural and urban planning projects aimed at implementing urban forestry strategies all over the world. The goal is to increase as much as possible the connectivity between forests, gardens and parks, creating ecological corridors whose environmental benefits go far beyond simple design, through an urban forestry strategy that should represent a shifting perspective on the cityscape, making “cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Created with the aim of enhancing and implementing the principles of urban forestry, “Green Obsession” has become the title of lectures, public programs, and a book (published by Actar in 2021 and supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts). In all its forms, the Green Obsession campaign aims to connect cities with the natural sphere as well as to connect experts from different fields and disciplines (scientists, policymakers, environmentalists, architects, ethologists, researchers, urban planners, city-makers..) towards the common goal of multiplying trees in cities: both by creating new synergies between them and by supporting the dissemination to the broad public of urban forestation strategies and nature-based solutions. Green Obsession finally is meant to re-connect humans with forests, with all the environmental, economic, geopolitical and social implications that it entails.

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