anthropoScene I : Breakdown

anthropoScene I : Breakdown

The traffic just seems to be getting worse every day at Iceland’s iceberg lagoon, Jökulsárlón…

Jökulsárlón | Started on 01/09/2018

In AnthropoScene I: Breakdown Adam Sébire uses dark humour to approach the climate crisis at one of Iceland’s fast-disappearing glaciers, Breiðamerkurjökull. Its astonishing iceberg procession is reimagined as a traffic jam of cinematic proportions. Arriving at the lagoon on a bitingly cold winter’s day the artist did not anticipate the movement of the icebergs. But it was a tidal lagoon and, if one waited a few hours these sublime entities began jostling for pole position to head out to open ocean. It was both fascinating and terrifying to see geological (specifically, cryological) timescales moving so fast. Ice thousands of years old had only days to ‘live’ once it hit the ocean. It was attending a funeral procession.

Only when upon return to his studio in Reykjavík and while fast-forwarding through the rushes material did he manage to laugh out loud at the sight of these forms zipping around like they were in a demolition derby. As a brief diversion he added the sound effect of a petrol-guzzling vehicle … and the idea was born. Adding layer upon layer of audio to create this peak oil pile-up, he then struggled to find enough sound effects to suggest a path forward via alternative forms of transport. Hollywood sound effect libraries have yet to catch up with the changing world of fossil-free transport it would seem!

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