Against large cruise ships

Against large cruise ships

An awareness campaign to affirm the rights of the city and spread the most relevant and reliable information on the issue of big ships

Venice, Italy | 1 January 2017 – ongoing

Since 2017 We are here Venice has run an ongoing bill posting / sticker campaign to inform residents, visitors, tourists and cruise ship passengers, about the environmental, social and heritage damage caused by large ships travelling through Venice, and elsewhere. WahV’s methodology is to use direct and simple language to provide clear scientific information from a variety of reliable and authoritative sources. Without distracting images, attention is focused on the meaning of the words. WahV designs and produces the poster-based messages, one at the time, that are displayed in public areas throughout the city via the municipal bill posting service. The campaign has advanced – initially every three months and now monthly – the regularity being integrated to the efficacy of this unusual “messaging channel”. Big cruise ships are a global problem, which affects not only Venice, but all port cities in the world – for this reason this bill posting campaign is intended to be exportable and adaptable for other port cities as well. Hence We are here Venice also produced a brief manual as a guide for other groups and associations which are addressing similar issues. Other organisations (within the Global Cruise Activist Network) have already started using this manual to create their own awareness and resistance campaigns against the damaging expansion of this industry in the places we live.

Integral to the messaging has been awareness raising about the climate crisis, which is intimately associated with the energy intensiveness of the cruise industry and pollution caused, defined as “luxuries we can no longer afford” (Jem Bendell) in the context of “deep adaptation”.

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