Climate Campaigner project

Climate Campaigner project

An app that offers diverse and tailored climate challenges that can help residents from across the globe reduce their carbon footprint in a fun and engaging way

Freiburg im Breisgau | Started on 01/05/2021 – Concluded on 30/04/2024

Low-carbon lifestyles – from eating less meat, swapping the car for a bike, and switching to energy-efficient devices – can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The EU-funded Climate Campaigners project aims to revolutionise the way lifestyle transformation research is conducted and how it informs public policies. Specifically, it will move from hypothetical citizen behaviour to the implementation of a goal-setting network where over 100’000 citizens receive and create challenges to try out tailored adaptations to their daily routines via an engaging app.

Here’s how the Climate Campaigners campaign works: Users download and create an account in the Climate Campaigners app, whose core functionality is to engage and educate participants with #CCchallenges. App users from 12 countries are invited to co-create new climate-friendly lifestyles as part of a long-lasting goal-setting network. The app is the “cockpit” for the goal-setting network, which provides information on users’ current GHG-related habits and captures how they make decisions to make positive lifestyle changes.

The approach was developed to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of existing methods, which are particularly salient for the field of carbon-neutral lifestyle research where many of the target behaviours are not yet mainstream, i.e. still hypothetical. Thereby we provide realistic and replicable knowledge to foster the decarbonisation of citizens’ lifestyles. The smartphone app and the corresponding backend software system as facilitator of the goal-setting network serve as the project’s communication tool with citizens.Our approach also contains an innovative model of citizen science: the citizen science activities as a way to engage and educate citizens on climate action. #CCchallenges are not only created by researchers and cities, but also by the citizens themselves in a network that grows organically over the project lifetime and beyond.

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