Musica d’Ambiente

Musica d’Ambiente

Using music to teach environmental education (including climate change) to children

Piemonte, Italy | 14 September 2015 – ongoing

Musica d’Ambiente “Environmental Music” is a project leaded by Arpa Piemonte, an institution with a great technical knowledge also in climate change, that uses music to teach environmental education (including climate change) to children.

We can describe it as music with micro language inside. There is a pentagram where each line represents nature: the red in the bottom is the centre of the earth, the brown one is the ground and so on, with grass, sky and the yellow one, with the sun at the top. There are two notes, Sole and Dotto, G and a C, and they are the Sun and a “graduate”, a conductor. Dotto in Italian is “doctor”, someone who knows a lot of things. The G key, the violin key, reminds us a tree. You can see it here: In this world of fantasy Dotto and Sole tell and sing original stories and songs. The stories have strange characters, like, for instance,”Fiuto il cane da rifiuto”, a dog who knows everything about waste and circular economy. There are original songs and also famous songs of international singers, in which we have changed the words: sorts of parodies, very funny, like Sciolti (parody of Soldi, of Mahmood) or Una grande festa (parody of the song with the same title, of Luca Carboni) that specifically talk about climate crisis.

Everyone knows the power of music with memory, attention, movement, and emotions in general. Talking about the original songs dedicated to climate change, we can find “Le mezze stagioni”, for instance, but the best work is without doubt the “Climate song”, with the beautiful stop motion video made by children. You can listen to and see it here: With Miur (Italian ministry of education) and others partner, we have made a challenge for the videoclip for all the Italian schools.

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