2047 Short Stories from Our Common Future

2047 Short Stories from Our Common Future

Short stories from around the world about our future

Europe | 01/12/2017 –

A total of 10 authors from around the world were gathered to Commemorate the work done by the Brundtland Commission in 1987. The authors were given the task to imagine what our world will look like in 2047 based on what we know today about pollution, climate change resource depletion etc. Some authors wrote hopeful short stories, others less so. In today’s world where there is so much information about what not to do, what are the consequences of climate change etc, many people have a hard time finding out what their role is in it all, and what they should do. So much, that some people just decide to stop thinking about it and instead say things like, “the scientists will find a solution,” or “it does not matter anyway what I do if no one else is doing the same.” The idea was to communicate this very difficult topic in a different way, by creating personal stories about what people in the future might experience and think about when the world gets warmer, when species become extinct, when land becomes impossible to cultivate, or when the water level rises (just to mention a few topics covered by the authors).

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