My Story is a Climate Story

My Story is a Climate Story

A photo and writing project that brings to life the impacts of climate change on residents of Los Angeles

Los Angeles | Started on 01/09/2022

Climate change can seem abstract, 1.5˚C a hazy apparition rather than a possible reality. But how does extreme heat actually feel? How does it look? In Los Angeles, we already know.

Heatwaves are typical in the United States’ second largest city, and in the past few decades, that type of weather has increased in frequency and intensity. Last summer, record-breaking temperatures in the region destroyed crops, exacerbated drought and wildfires, and changed the way people lived their daily lives.

Under the mentorship of noted photographer Star Montana, USC journalism students Maria Eberhart and Shreya Agrawal took photos and recorded the stories of people in Los Angeles experiencing the effects of the intense heat waves of 2022. The project, commissioned by Allison Agsten, Director of the University of Southern California’s Center for Climate Journalism and Communication, was developed for the launch the Center and its website. The images and their accompanying text mark a dramatic departure from the aesthetic and tone of other university-based climate initiatives which are typically represented online and elsewhere with stock photos, charts, and graphs. Subsequent to their digital debut, the portraits were printed and shown at the USC’s Climate Forward conference, which was open to the general public, and at the school’s marine science center, where they are currently installed.

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