Bleaching – Save the coral

Bleaching – Save the coral

The interactive artwork visualizes the coral bleaching process to arouse people’s attention and thinking about climate warming, while experimenting on low fired self glazed ceramic materials to explore how to reduce energy consumption and gas emissions in ceramic production from the perspective of ceramic artists

Providence | Started on 01/04/2022 – Concluded on 30/06/2024

The inspiration for the project comes from the coral bleaching which is caused by global warming. Therefore, the research mainly has two directions. One is to explore low-temperature one-time firing ceramic materials to reduce energy consumption and harmful gas emissions in ceramic production. The second is to explore the possibility of combining thermochromic powder with different materials such as resin and coral calcium based bio-material, so as to show the phenomenon of objects changing color with temperature rise to the public in the way of art works and articles of daily use, causing the public to think about global climate warming.

The project idea was developed following a class took by the artists called Digital ceramics which is supported by the nature lab of Rhode Island school of Design and Hyundai. The class focuses on how to build a sustainable future overall, the artist narrowed the theme down to coral bleaching. Because ceramic production must go through the firing step, but this process will produce a lot of harmful gases and consume a lot of energy, and harmful gases are an important cause of global warming, coral bleaching is a consequence of this ecological problem.

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