Climate Change Communication for Action@ Hanyang University (HYU) – digital Art DIY picture book

Climate Change Communication for Action@ Hanyang University (HYU) – digital Art DIY picture book

Our project uses Art DIY so we can encourage the participants to become doers not only observers. We decided to use animals as our heroes to develop stories for the young generation to get transformed into “doers” through the digital Art DIY Picture Book

Seoul | Started on 06/03/2021

Climate Change Communication for Action@Hanyang University is an innovative initiative spearheaded by the Global Strategy and Information Studies (GSIS) Department. It serves as a dynamic platform where academic scholars and industry experts converge, fostering vibrant discussions, debates, and innovative problem-solving to address the challenges of climate change. This annual dialogue cultivates an intellectual ecosystem that sparks transformative discourse and inspires sustainable actions. We started promoting climate change communication since 2021 with our international communities in China for youth. Our graduate level students develop climate change courses with two international communities in China, one in Shenzhen and the other one in Nanyang city of Henan province.

In 2023, we ventured into the realms of the Film and TV industry, conducting an in-depth exploration of the implementation and perception of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, alongside animal welfare considerations. An enriching online survey involving 104 industry professionals from China and South Korea formed the crux of our dialogue, shedding light on their experiences, perspectives, and forging a path towards heightened awareness and commitment to ESG principles within the entertainment industry.

In a bid to make these abstract concepts more tangible, our gifted GSIS graduate students developed a digital Art DIY picture book. This creative endeavour leverages the emotive power of art to communicate the pressing issues of climate change. From July 2023 on, this digital Art DIY picture book will be used by international communities of Climate Change Communication for Action@Hanyang University for further communication of climate change.

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