Climate Change Leaders School

Climate Change Leaders School

Training and mentorship for young people who are looking to become leaders to face the Climate Change crisis

Buenos Aires | Started on 28/10/2022

The Climate Change Leaders School is an initiative of the Ministry of Education of the Buenos Aires City Government and that aims to promote climate change action among young people of Buenos Aires City. The project’s goal is to create meetings and training for young students who would like to become leaders that face the current and future climate change crisis.The initiative offers tools to develop critical thinking and promote a more sustainable world.

The school has 3 areas of action:

-The Climate Change Campus where young students learn theory about Climate Change and its relation to Energy, Biodiversity and Waste. The training also focuses on helping students to develop their soft skills to become Climate Change leaders and create a positive impact in their communities. -The Young Students Forum where participants can exchange ideas, cooperate and work in teams to create collective knowledge and momentum for new projects andinitiatives. -The Solutions, in this stage students can participate, analyze challenges and design solutions in a collaborative way. For instance, there are two important events: The ¨Hackathon” for the Environment and also the Environmental Fair.

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