Conversation Community

Conversation Community

Doubts on climate change? Ask, understand, act and ask again

Global | 20 April 2021 – ongoing

The Conversation Community project wants to expand and improve the public debate on climate change and the environmental crisis, tackling the viral circulation of fake news. We use theatre, digital media and journalism at the service of the comparison among people around this central topic. To reach this goal, we have implemented a digital platform to collect the community’s doubts about climate change and kindle a constructive debate. The project is mainly addressed to high schools and university students however, it has a broader goal to reach every people. We give space to their doubts and questions by collecting and transforming them into different contents to activate the discussion. Thanks to artists’ involvement, we’ll turn data into theatrical pills. In addition, we will create articles and podcasts to answer doubts using scientific references in a ‘pop’ version with informative language.

This project is developed by the start-up Mercato Circolare (MC) in collaboration with Pop Economix and Il Mutamento artists and in partnership with SUPSI – the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.

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