Climate Change in Data: The Physical Science Basis

Climate Change in Data: The Physical Science Basis

A digital visual narrative to present and understand the key findings of one of the most important climate reports of the 21st century

Oslo | Started on 01/02/2022 – Concluded on 30/11/2022

Climate Change in Data is a digital narrative that uses the power of words, visuals, and videos to guide readers through the key findings of the IPCC report The Physical Science Basis, one of the most significant IPCC climate reports of the 21st century. The report has been drafted by 234 authors from 65 countries. Authors reviewed a massive body of scientific work, the report has 14,000 cited references to the scientific literature. This report includes a suite of ten data visualisations that have been carefully co-designed over a period of 18 months by a multidisciplinary design team made up of information designers, cognitive and social scientists, IPCC authors and staff to implement a human-centered approach to the data visualisation process.

The primary aim of the project Climate Change in Data was to co-design an engaging outreach product that would facilitate the comprehension of the report’s key messages through its ten data visualisations. The digital narrative unfolds through three layers: – A visual storyline that communicates the report’s key messages using data visualisations. – A series of PowerPoint presentations designed to enable specialists and non-specialists alike to explain the visuals. – A collection of videos where IPCC authors personally guide viewers through the report’s key findings.

This digital narrative is the culmination of an inclusive co-design process that drew upon the expertise of various professionals, including scientists, information designers, science editors, science communicators, photographers, filmmakers, UX/UI designers, and developers. The collaborative nature of co-design was essential in creating this communication material. The objective was to facilitate dissemination, comprehension, education, and decision-making. Additionally, efforts were made to align the visual identity of the digital narrative with the existing IPCC brand, while crafting a narrative in plain language using accurate haiku-style storytelling.

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