Environmental graphiti – The art of climate change

Environmental graphiti – The art of climate change

Environmental Graphiti uses contemporary art to interpret and dramatize climate science data to enhance the general public’s understanding of what is happening to our world, why it’s happening, and what we must do to address this critical issue

Global | 1 January 2015 – ongoing

Environmental Graphiti – The Art of Climate Change is a project, created by the artist Alisa Singer to use digital art created from climate change data to help communicate the science of climate change.

Each of the digital paintings in the series uses as its “blueprint” a graph, chart, map, word, or number relating to a key fact about climate change. The art is, literally, derived from the science in an effort to translate and dramatize the underlying data. Though each painting appears, at first, to be purely abstract, it is displayed with an image depicting the underlying climate data source, explaining its significance. Once the viewers realize they are not looking at mere abstract images they are intrigued and a kind of “double take” occurs. Moving back and forth from art to graph, and from one piece to the next, they try to decipher how the data is reflected in the art. As a result of this process, the viewer becomes more engaged in both the art and the underlying message.

The paintings, when physically exhibited, are typically printed on large glossy sheets of metal to attract attention and draw people in. Exhibitions have been held at museums, galleries, conferences and other venues and the art is held by dozens of universities (some of whom have large collections) as well as a major science museum in Toronto. The art is also featured on the cover of the major UN 2018 report, Global Warming of 1.5°C. On August 9, 2021, the UN released the landmark report “Climate Change 2021 – The Physical Science Basis” featuring Environmental Graphiti art on the cover based on a map derived from one of the figures in the report.

Environmental Graphiti art is available “at cost” to environmental organizations, non-profits, and educational and governmental institutions.

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