The Learning Lounge – Climate communication for decision makers

The Learning Lounge – Climate communication for decision makers

A space where decision makers in politics and the economy are invited to receive in depth information on the risks of the climate crisis by scientists in a hierarchy-free safe space, enabling them to ask questions and open their minds towards necessary change

Frankfurt | Started on 17/04/2023

Since 2019, the Scientists For Future have been supporting the entire For Future movement with scientific expertise. Several hundred scientists from different disciplines are committed to social change. We offer a wide range of freely available information on our website, such as elaborate powerpoint presentations, videos or pdf learning sheets for the general public. But the necessary change on a systemic level is still dependent on decision makers in politics and the economy who may need a more personalized approach. Often they will find themselves under a huge pressure to adapt their strategies to new facts in the climate crisis, demanding for decisions on a very complex level. At the same time politicians as well as persons in top or middle management in the economy are often held back by party lines or their share holders.

In order to provide a new safe learning space for these important people them we are now offering live contacts with international experts, thus providing top-class, interdisciplinary learning experiences on a very personalized level in a trustworthy environment. Depending on the topic we provide changing formats such as panels, fishbowl discussions, expert input and world cafés offer the opportunity for top-class, interdisciplinary training several times a year. Some of our events are held under the Chatham House Rule which enables the participants to freely use and quote the information received. However, neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers nor those of other participants may be disclosed. This way we provide new windows of opportunities for decision makers and the people who are depending on them.

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