Around the world in 80 experiments

Around the world in 80 experiments

A book, “Il giro del mondo in 80 esperimenti”, to send new citizens around the world, with awareness

Italy / China (potentially global) | 1 October 2019 – ongoing

“Around the world in 80 experiments” is an active-book for children, a sequel to the book by Jules Verne, but it takes place in our times. The new protagonists, unlike the Vernian ones, make the journey taking the time to understand how the world is going. They will thus achieve awareness of global challenges such as climate change.

If Jules Verne’s book was a celebration of speed and positivism, this book wants to emphasize the need for greater awareness of the world, suggesting how to be active to change it.

The journey is the same of the old book and it is developed in 20 stages, each of which offers readers 4 experiments to understand with their hands, as well as with the mind and heart, a scientific theme (hands-on, mind-on, hearth-on).

From London to London, the characters (and the readers) face and understand the dynamics of numerous environmental problems, e. g. the tropicalization of the Mediterranean Sea (Suez Canal), the loss of biodiversity (India, Malaysia, USA, oceans), sea level rise (Kiribati), the importance of renewable energies (hanging from the name windy city attributed to Chicago), plastic islands (oceans), the effect of melting ice on the Gulf Stream and the need for decarbonisation (speaking of the industrial revolution in the UK). In addition to this, social and economic aspects of the world (e.g. the democracy, developed in Greece) are also addressed, to address sustainability in its multidimensionality.

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