Let’s Act!

Let’s Act!

A project that supports teachers in using innovative online pedagogical methods and digital tool in their climate and SDG education

Aarhus | Started on 01/03/2021 – Concluded on 31/08/2023

While we will all increasingly face the consequences of climate change, it is today’s young people that will face the worst effects of climate change and environmental degradation at all levels. They need not be passive victims in this global challenge, as we have observed when millions of students participate in the #FridaysForFuture movement that began in 2018. But action must be accompanied by adequate knowledge and understanding to have long-lasting effects. It is fundamental that young people do not only engage in demonstrations demanding governments and world leaders to take action, but they must also acknowledge their own role and impact on the planet and take the action needed in their everyday lives by changing old unsustainable habits and attitudes with healthier and more sustainable and equitable ones. Where demands are made, and action is taken, these must be supported by scientific knowledge and understanding.

The Let’s Act! SDG Learning Platform focuses on crucial topics related to “Preserving the Planet” and consists of five lessons and associated subtopics that strive to give a first holistic understanding regarding how and why we have landed in this climate crisis and what can and must be done to guide our next steps to ensure prosperity and equality for all. The Let’s Act! project provides students aged 12-16 and their teachers with the tools and instruments needed to engage in the complexity of some critical global issues in a fun and engaging manner. It also allows the students to take agency around their learning while emphasising the importance of scientific enquiry. As such, the project strives to make a modest contribution to help students and teachers engage and take action concerning climate change and discover how we can all help protect our planet from future harm.

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