Creating climate change and conservation awareness through Yakshagana – a folk drama

Creating climate change and conservation awareness through Yakshagana – a folk drama

The project aims to spread awareness on climate change, biodiversity and importance of coastal/mangrove ecosystems, sustainable harvesting of coastal resources, sustainable livelihood alternatives, issues of coastal erosion, mangrove restoration projects and carbon credits through Yakshagana – a very famous folk art of coastal Karnataka

Yellapur | Started on 01/10/2023

Mangroves are an integral part of the coastal ecosystem. They are highly productive and biologically diverse ecosystems. Mangroves are crucial stabilizers of coastlines but are threatened by various anthropogenic disturbances putting a constant pressure on mangroves, resulting in a significant loss of mangroves and a rate of degradation twice the rate of gains.Yakshagana is the most popular traditional folk-art (folk theater) form in the coastal districts of Karnataka and has a great influence on the beliefs and behavioral patterns of the local community.

The project intends to use the potential of Yakshagana art to prepare and empower indigenous communities to address complex global challenges like climate change and to bring massive societal transformation. Various mangrove restoration initiatives have been undertaken by the India Foundation for Humanistic Development (IFHD), a not-for-profit company based in Bangalore, India, in the coastal Karnataka region. We already scripted a Yakshagana story related to the mangrove ecosystems and presented it in four coastal villages with the support of Concern India Foundation, an NGO based in Bombay,

The story sequentially focuses on the issues of climate change, the importance and threats to coastal ecosystems, coastal resources, ecosystem services provided by mangroves, and loss of biodiversity due to various anthropogenic disturbances. The story concludes by suggesting with various ecosystem based sustainable practices such as river/mangrove restoration, sustainable alternate livelihoods such as beekeeping, organic shrimp culture, mushroom culture, etc.,

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