Bello Mondo

Bello Mondo

With its twelve episodes and twelve guests, an original Spotify podcast produced by Chora Media that talks about climate and climate change, written and presented by Elisa Palazzi, climatologist at the University of Torino and by Federico Taddia, journalist, author, writer

Turin | Started on 01/01/2022 – Concluded on 30/04/2022

“Bello Mondo” is a podcast that was broadcast in 2022 and available on Spotify. Twelve episodes about 35 minutes long each, on different climate and climate change topics, dealing with the causes and the solutions of climate change, with a strong scientific basis but the use of a language accessible to everybody. The name of the Podcast was inspired by the wonderful poem written by Mariangela Gualtieri, an Italian poet. It seemed to us (Elisa Palazzi and Federico Taddia, the authors and presenters) the most beautiful wish that could be made to our planet and to ourselves to face the crucial years ahead. The spirit of the Podcast is to talk bout the many aspects related to climate science in a rigorous way, having the most recent literature and IPCC reports as a reference, but also showing the human side of science. We tell the professional and life stories of each guest – researchers and scientific excellences engaged in analysing, understanding and countering the climate crisis – one hosted in each episode, including anecdotes and curiosities. And the Podcast, by its very nature, amplifies the concept of storytelling: content and form come together, the sound element envelops the listener within the flow of information, where we tried to convey notions and emotions, information and feelings. Hence, also the desire to use the tool of the Podcast, to explore the potential of the medium in the field of science popularisation. Taking care of content and sound and form, to offer a product that is nevertheless enjoyable to listen. The goal is to offer to the audience some necessary tools to understand the climate crisis but also individual and collective strategies to counter it. And at the same time, the aim is to spread passion about the planet, Bello Mondo, through knowledge and stories of science and life. We tried to use an authoritative yet accessible scientific style, pushed by the power of “kindness,” which we also found in our guests, and emotions.

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