Intergenerational Ambassadors of Environmental Sustainability (IAES)

Intergenerational Ambassadors of Environmental Sustainability (IAES)

Intergenerational Ambassadors of Environmental Sustainability (IAES) aims to provide kids and parents/grandparents in Togo with the necessary advocacy tools to go out there, initiate climate actions and claim climate Justice through campaigns and awareness using video, drawing or other events

Lome | Started on 14/10/2022 – Concluded on 28/11/2023

This project consisted of bringing together school kids and parents-grandparents and training them to acquire skills on how to advocate for climate action. In the capital city of Togo, Lomé, 10 school kids from different schools and 10 parents-grandparents were selected after carrying out a sensitization in 5 schools and a call for application. Three major activities were conducted during the implementation of this project.

First, the selected participants were trained on climate change subjects, mitigation strategies through practical actions to undertake as kids and parents-grandparents, and advocate techniques for the climate justice in their respective schools/communities. The second activity will consist of creating an online 30 second-video campaigns engaging kids and parents-grandparents whose talk will be calling for planet protection and living sustainably. This campaign was launched by organizing a #ClimateSaturday for sustainability run at Lomé beach on a Saturday morning.

The third activity consisted of a final public show where a team of paired kids and parents/grandparents pitched their climate ideas and vision for fostering climate action. Each parent/grandparent was paired with one or two kids for this contest. A jury composed of climate actors were set up for the selection of the first three best performing teams as Intergenerational Ambassadors of Environmental Sustainability (IAES) for a one-year-term. The selected ambassadors are using one-year to foster and promote environmental and climate action by running campaigns across different schools in Lomé, and participating in climate conferences. Our team is supporting them during their one-year-agenda.

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