The Carbon Literacy Project: fostering low carbon culture

The Carbon Literacy Project: fostering low carbon culture

A project to communicate climate change in a relevant way to everyone that lives, works and studies; certifying learners and Carbon Literate and training Trusted Messengers who deliver carbon literacy courses relevant to their sector and context

Manchester | Started on 30/10/2012

The Carbon Literacy Project is a unique initiative that engages citizens, businesses and communities in meaningful learning and action on climate change. Based around a day’s-worth of customised training, it brings home the message that climate change impacts us all and that everyone has a role to play in tackling it. Carbon Literacy communicates the ‘social toolset’, including scientific fact, relevance and justification, that empowers citizens to make positive choices to reduce their personal carbon footprints and the carbon footprint of their organisation, school or community. Carbon Literacy therefore delivers relevant action now and goes on to deliver low carbon thinking and action in participants’ daily lives at home and work, both now and in the future—truly building the low carbon culture we require as a global community. The greatest positive messengers for the broader pros of climate action are ‘normal people’ who’ have benefited from it themselves. We foster an ‘army’ of normal, every day people who are able to listen and engage empathetically with those in their community on how the climate crisis can be tackled at an individual and community level.

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