Green Art Incubator

Green Art Incubator

A platform that places the necessary dialogue between artistic practices and climate change at the center of its reflection by supporting and empowering actors in these fields toward the green transformation processes and promoting the notion of culture as an agent of change in this context

Belgrade | Started on 21/09/2021

Green Art Incubator is a Belgrade – based platform of experts and professionals in an interdisciplinary field sparking the change in the arts and culture sector through climate communication, education, and empowering actors in these areas towards the green transformation processes. The platform consists of several layers oriented towards the two main goals: 1) to initiate internal change in the creative sectors in terms of adopting more ecologically sustainable work procedures and management philosophies, and 2) to redefine the paradigm of culture as a powerful place to contemplate the climate crisis and an agent of change in this context.

The first goal is achieved through a series of activities that together make up an entire knowledge-skill set for cultural and artistic professionals to operate in an ecologically sustainable manner and green their practices. These activities include researching and mapping actors in arts and culture analyzing their practices in the context of green transformation, courses for representatives of organizations by local and international experts from different disciplines who specialize in the green transition, unique green e-toolkits for arts and culture, focused on innovative and place-based methods to contribute to climate change adaptation,

Green Book of Recommendations for policy-makers, networking stakeholders in the field, international conferences and various other event formats. The second goal concerns the external activity of the field, pleading to redefine the social role of culture as an agent of change in this context by raising awareness among the audience and general public on the ecological crises and encouraging their more active involvement in the content dealing with this topic. One of the tools for reaching it is a web platform created to increase visibility and support cultural and artistic programs and projects engaged with the subjects of climate change and environmental sustainability.

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