Giudizio Universale – The last judgement

Giudizio Universale – The last judgement

An information campaign to defend the rights to a safe climate and promote the fist climate litigation in Italy against the Italian state for its insufficient climate action

Rome | Started on 03/06/2019

Giudizio Universale (the Last Judgement) is a campaign implemented at Italian level since 2019. It promotes the first climate litigation against the Italian State and addresses key topics on climate change challenges in Italy: responsibilities related to the climate emergency, climate change and human rights, climate policies, climate change impacts and climate litigations around the world as a tool to advance climate action ambition. The campaign is coordinated by A Sud, the first plaintiff in the litigation and it gathers 100 promoters among grassroots and organisations throughout the country. Among other results obtained by the initiative 24 associations, 162 adults and 17 minors are involved as plaintiffs of the legal action and representing inhabitants from over 80 municipalities in 17 regions in the country, and more than 20,000 signatures were collected in support of the legal action. The social media action of the campaign has gathered more than 14000 followers using facebook, instagram and twitter channels. It also resulted in the production of several studies, both scientific and divulgative, on the issues addressed the campaign and a book narrating the legal and scientific basis of the legal action. Two other main products are the book “La causa del secolo” published the Round Robin Edition and the research realised by Climate Analytics “Italy’s Climate Targets and Policies in Relation to the Paris Agreement and Global Equity Considerations”.

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