Something’s Jellyfishy in the State of Italy

Something’s Jellyfishy in the State of Italy

An in-depth journalistic feature story on how climate change and human pressure make the jellyfish population in the Mediterranean explode and how scientists are trying to solve the problem by convincing us to eat the gelatinous creatures

Lecce | Started on 11/10/2022

Would you eat jellyfish on pizza? The gelatinous creatures are invading oceans and seas worldwide, while all other kinds of fish are getting overfished. So, some Italian scientists and chefs have been trying to adapt their cuisine for a world with fewer fish and more jellyfish.

“You need to disconnect your brain from what you know,” told Fabiano Viva, a chef in the southern Italian city of Lecce who has been experimenting with jellyfish. “You need to detach yourself from the food in your memory.” Still, it’s easier said than done. As I spotted the turgid tentacles and part of the cap floating in the jellyfish soup the chef had prepared for me, my stomach turned. But when I tried it, its taste surprised me.

Something’s Jellyfishy in the State of Italy is an in-dept feature story on the Italian scientists’ work on the matter.

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