Reading “climate futures” with the ECOtarot deck

Reading “climate futures” with the ECOtarot deck

A complete tarot deck (all original artwork) with interpretations based upon climate science in order to engage teh public in dialogue about human driven climate disruption

Phoenix | Started on 1/11/2017

Utilizing a customized deck of ECOtarot cards, desert-based artist Adriene Jenik performs free “”climate future” readings in public places. ECOtarot readings engage the complex emotions surrounding climate disruption and focus participants on actions they can take and values they can practice, drawing from their specific talents and capacities.The ECOtarot deck’s beauty and power is derived from the use of handmade, plant-based paper in the making of the cards, that are then hand-painted with natural pigments. Interpretations are drawn from up-to-date climate science and modelling (the project has been vetted and embraced by climate scientists at Arizona State University); philosophical texts that consider the values necessary to support continued human life on this planet (cooperativeness, simplicity, temperance, mindfulness, interdependence, creativity); and knowledge of the layered meanings of the tarot as passed down through centuries.

Since 2017, Jenik has offered more than 1300 ECOtarot readings across the US and internationally (in Finland, Chile, Iceland, Italy, UK, Mexico, and Canada). Readings are direct one-to-one interactions offered free of charge within public settings. The artist sets up a table, chairs and her sign in a public promenade and a line quickly forms. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, she continued the practice online, and has recently returned to in-person readings. Regardless of the forum, the practice deeply resonates with people from across a wide spectrum of backgrounds. Both young and old, and people from many cultural and faith backgrounds are drawn to the practice as the ECOtarot readings unveil a story of the future of the larger world and shed light on their place within it.

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