Webinars on the climate change

Webinars on the climate change

Live streaming webinars on climate-related topics

Italy | 1 February 2020 – 21 May 2021

I’m Antonella Galetta, environmental educator of Legambiente, Italy and Zero Waste contact person in Reggio Emilia and Val d Enza. This last year – due to the covid pandemic – I couldn’t go to schools with children to talk about environmental problems and what each of us can do to try to save our planet. I therefore thought to make myself useful and continue my mission as an educator and I organized meetings on environmental topics, by inviting guests (technicians, university professors, politicians, experts in economy), trying to involve more and more people to these issues. The webinars were broadcasted live and viewed by thousands of people. The first webinar I organized was on the climate change and what governments and all of us need to do to get rid of fossil fuels by 2050 and decrease CO2. Then another meeting for the presentation of the book “Il Bivio” (The Crossroad) of Rossano Ercolini, then I faced the problem of the water crisis in the valley where I live and the possible solutions, another webinar on the occasion of the world day of bees that -due to climate changes and pesticides- are dying, I tackled the problem of intensive farming that contribute to the air and water pollution, finally world earth day and PNRR, the green deal. I am convinced that, in addition to experts and technicians, we communicators must continue our mission for the sake of our planet, trying to make more complicated concepts easier to understand.

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