Climate Agora

Climate Agora

Community of actors interested in climate-related issues or working with climate initiatives who who wish to gain knowledge, share ideas, and take action at a local level

Venice | Started on 01/05/2023

The purpose of the Climate Agora community is to bring together, aggregate in a synthetic way and promote the actors, events, and initiatives related to climate or sustainability in the region of Veneto. Several parallel actions have been deployed in this sense.

Firstly, through digital communication and networking, the project aims to put in contact and unite all actors working toward similar goals. Through creating the Instagram account, complemented by local events and meet-ups, actors and stakeholders are continuously connected to better synchronize initiatives dedicated to climate action.

Secondly, to disseminate and promote climate and sustainability-related action for greater civil society engagement and to target broader audiences, the project has been gathering events and initiatives locally, communicated monthly through a newsletter. This action aims to ease access to information and education on climate-related topics, hoping to reach experts and non-experts while acting as a platform for exchange between people already involved in the area, avoiding duplicate actions and, ultimately, unnecessary costs and unfruitful efforts.

The above workstreams have been at the core of the philosophy of Climate Agora. However, other activities have been undertaken as well. Climate Agora is also willing to act as a point of contact or facilitator, organizing encounters between individuals showing interest in a topic or an action and locally-rooted initiatives. Well aware of the difficulty some individuals might encounter when trying to engage or get more information about climate action and groups, we work towards creating more opportunities. Our efforts involve setting up a network, organizing visits to workshops of local producers and creators, and coordinating trips to events related to climate or sustainability.

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