Co-Creating New Narratives: A Catalyst for Climate Action and Solutions

Co-Creating New Narratives: A Catalyst for Climate Action and Solutions

To accelerate positive behaviour change to forge a sustainable, healthy, and socially just world through the power of storytelling, connecting both local and global communities, and by linking science, health, education, humanities, and the arts at COP and other fora

Exeter | Started on 01/01/2021

Never before have climate narratives, connecting facts, findings and feelings, been co-written by climate scientists, health professionals, young leaders, educators, artists and academics working at the frontline of climate change from UK, Egypt, UAE & beyond in virtual writing workshops. Rarely has a project brought the arts, education, and sciences together and combined its global reach with such major local impact within the global South and North thanks to the combination of creative outputs at COP26 & COP27 conferences & beyond reaching over 28 million people (in person events, TV, radio, and media). Our purpose is to use these platforms & other fora to communicate new climate narratives and build strategic partnerships to raise awareness about the urgent need for climate action and solutions among children, young people, policy makers and the public. To achieve our purpose, we co-produce and deliver creative outputs led by an anthology of poems and stories. This process is initiated by over 200 experts who co-create climate narratives. The writing is edited into 12 poems or stories and translated into other languages for publication online via the University of Exeter’s Green Futures website and in print.

The poems/stories inspire innovative creative outputs including 1. sustainable theatre performances global network and practices 2. music 3. digital visualisations 4. climate literacy toolkits for schools 5. digital recordings with soundscapes 6. photography 7 community storytelling 8. schools, public and artists artwork/exhibitions/workshops to foster long term relationships to spark positive behaviour change and climate action/solutions. To ensure the development, implementation, success, and growing legacy of our ongoing project, we partner with established local and internationally recognised organisations. ‘Artists give hope that we can yet make the change needed, where science hasn’t changed minds, art just might.’ Korean Greenpeace scientist.

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