“From protest to proposal” video and change.org campaign

“From protest to proposal” video and change.org campaign

An animated video to engage civil society with the outcomes of the Regional Conference Of Youth calling to sign a change.org campaing to support the document “From protest to proposal” that contains recommendations for big emitters and policy makers in Latinamérica

Buenos Aires | Started on 01/06/2022 – Concluded on 31/12/2022

The Regional Conference Of Youth for Climate Change is organized by a coalition of youth led organizations since 2021. In 2022, the conference was held in Cartago, Costa Rica. Previous to the conference, it was conducted a series of online webinars and debates to build together a single document with 10 recommendations for big emitters and 10 recommendations for national governments.

To communicate the ideas behind this document, an animated video that can be used in any language was shared online. It includes a piece of a song called “Regeneration” composed and created for this event by the Costa Rican singer-songwriter Maf e Tula. We engaged the civil society asking to support this document signing a change.org campaign that raised more than 50.000 signatures! Finally, many young people presented de document to policy makers including high level champions during COP28 in Egypt.

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