FUTURE EARTH. Young People Creativity on Climate Change

FUTURE EARTH. Young People Creativity on Climate Change

A Live Art event created by the artist Davide Ragazzi, conceived for the purpose of presenting the artist’s works and a process of activating the Next Generation on the theme of anxiety in young people for climate change

Venice | Started on 8/7/2022 – Concluded on 22/7/2022

Davide Ragazzi has conducted 30 years of artistic research on the subject of the visual representation of the Earth and the Environment. In this project his painting is a catalyst tool to transmit to the new generations the beauty of the Earth, the responsibility for its care and protection, the awareness of being able to be advocates of the future and protagonists of intergenerational communication. As expressed in the event subtitle (Young People Creativity on Climate Change), one of the objectives of Future Earth is to help the new generations to identify strategies to mitigate and overcome anxiety about climate change, through an artistic installation, a creative way of seeing and transform reality. Painting the Earth is a creative action to enhance its beauty and underline the need for protection and urgent projects aimed at mitigating environmental disasters.

The Future Earth event is repeatable, innovative, experimental, engaging, open: the visitors look an exhibition and participate in the creation of a work of art; they also can express their opinions on environmental issues and contribute to collective communication on the issue of climate change, strengthening intergenerational relations; can socialize, increase their cultural skills and achieve psycho-physical well-being. On exhibit was installed, a large installation that grows, changes, modifies itself, with the intervention of the public from the first to the last day of opening.

The Future Earth Art Team, made up by Enza Di Vinci and 5 young people from different countries, aged 16 to 24, supported the artist Davide Ragazzi in the making of 18 paintings on paper. The paintings were made on different days and immediately set up, one after the other, on 2 of 3 self-supporting metal structures, which construction was carried out during the event, hand in hand with the paintings. Once the pictorial part of the installation was completed, the exhibition space was animated by a music specially composed for the event.

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