Climate Music

Climate Music

A musical and environmental project which joins energies from music and science, to represent under an innovative perspective, what the climate crisis is

Amsterdam | Started on 29/10/2020 – Concluded on 01/11/2020

The Climate Music project is created by Beatrice Miniaci in 2020 with the support of the Amsterdam Funds Voor De Kunst and the partecipation of The Climate Music Project (USA). It will be presented again in 2023, as it is scheduled for 2023’s programme of Dear2050 Festival in Switzerland.

The project in 2020 was articulated in two performances. The first performance took place at the Roode Bioscoop on the 29th of October 2020. On this date, we played Icarus in Flight, a half an hour chamber music work by Richard Festinger, inspired by scientific data on three human drivers of climate change. Afterwords we played Heart’s Gift, a faboulus composition by Kate Honey which envision a better future and questions the resilience of nature and human relationship with it. After the music we had a chat with the composers and the online audience (600 viewers). In the original idea there was space for interaction in a Q&A session between the audience and a scientist, who was supposed to provide context about the work and explain how the music relates to science. In this way, we wanted to ensure that audiences who have been inspired by our performances were able to gain immediate access to information on how to support ecological choices. Due to Covid restriction we had to cancell the conversation last moment.The second performance took plae in Caffè Belcampo were we performed Icarus in flight, and we had another conversation with the composer, Richard Festinger.

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