Arte e Scienza

Arte e Scienza

Art is a powerful medium for disseminating scientific knowledge and making people think about its role. Transforming technical and specialized knowledge into an emotion that can be felt by anyone and, thus, helping them to make informed choices to act sustainably

Savona | Started on 08/11/2022

Over the years, art has become an increasingly important way for communicating the research taking place at CIMA Research Foundation, bringing back to the public some of the most important problems and issues facing society. Today, all of the Foundation’s artistic works are collected on a new site, along with many other accounts of how science can become art, and art narrate science.

How to reflect on some of the great natural phenomena without necessarily having to narrate them with the mathematical equations that describe their dynamics? How to turn what the scientific world studies through complex numerical modeling into a message, or a moment of reflection immediately accessible to all? Art is undoubtedly one of the possible strategies – the one that CIMA Research Foundation has chosen to take the themes it studies outside of laboratories and computer screens, bringing them outdoors, to the public. Through paintings, murals, sculptures, plays and photographs, art has helped us talk about droughts, floods, biodiversity loss-and the phenomenon that is most seriously affecting them, the climate crisis. Today, all of CIMA Research Foundation’s art collection can also be known from the website Arte e Scienza (, which collects the artworks and art events created over the years of activity.

In fact, differently to what was once common practice, the scientific community is now regularly called on for discussion and exchange with various sectors of society, and science has even joined public and political debate. As such, art can stand as a powerful vehicle for spreading scientific learning and for stimulating reflection on the role of this knowledge, converting technical and specialist information into an emotion that can be perceived by all ‒ thus helping people make informed choices and adopt eco-friendly behaviour.

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