Black Earth Podcast

Black Earth Podcast

An interview podcast celebrating nature and inspiring black women leaders in the environmental movement, rooted in joy, science and the black experience

Sheffield | Started on 01/02/2023

Black Earth is an interview podcast celebrating nature and inspiring black women leaders in the environmental movement. Rooted in science and the black experience, it equips listeners with inspiring ideas and solutions from trailblazing black women making a positive impact for the planet. Our primary audience are Black Gen Z and Millenials, two of the most engaged audience groups on environmental action. They want to hear voices from their communities, who are not featured in mainstream media coverage on the environment. They want practical solutions and real-life examples of how to make progress on social justice and environmental action.

In the first season, we explore the connection between nature and our health. Through the conversations, we discuss how we restore our connection with nature for planetary healing, well-being and resilience. As a result of the pandemic, climate crisis, inequality and cost-of-living, there is a greater awareness of the need to address social justice issues, climate and nature action together. More examples are needed of solutions that work, especially from social groups most affected by climate change and social inequality.

Since launching in February 2023, our podcast has been downloaded 6,281 times and has been featured on Spotify US ‘Episodes to Watch’, Podbible, Oxford University, and Pocket Casts Earth Day selection. An important element to Black Earth podcast is leveraging social media to continue engaging and informing our listener community. Across our three social media platforms, we have over 500 active followers, have reached over 10,000 accounts and 1,840 content interactions.

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