The Climate Limbo

The Climate Limbo

A documentary on climate change and how it fuels migrations

Global | 1 March 2019 – ongoing

APS Cambalache is a not-for-profit organisation, based in the Piedmont region, with projects implemented and replicated across the whole country. Its main mission is to promote refugees’ inclusion in the hosting communities and the labour market. Its most recognized and internationally awarded project is “Bee My Job”, sponsored by UNHCR and replicated in five Italian regions. It tackles inequalities in accessing wage earning employment for refugees in Italy, by providing professional training and access to dignified job opportunities in the beekeeping field. It has given birth to a social agricultural hub including an urban apiary, a synergistic vegetable garden and an heliciculture farm. Given the important role of bees in detecting the “well-being” of our environment and the interconnections between migration and climate change, in 2019, Cambalache has defined to sensitize on both issues through the production of a high-quality documentary: “The Climate Limbo”, thanks to EU funding. The documentary, for which we are applying to the award, portrays the complex tie between natural disaster and migration. On one hand, it explores how extreme and non-extreme climate events induced by human activity may have impacted on the rise of a new category of migrants: climate or environmental migrants. On the other hand, it sheds light on the legislative void regarding this new category of people who are still not recognized as “refugees” according to the parameters set by the 1951 Refugee Convention of Geneva. The film effectively explores this connection by both presenting expert opinion from a glaciologist, a climatological physicist, an immigration rights lawyer, and narrating the personal accounts of people from different parts of the world, who are forced to leave their habitat, temporarily or permanently, because of marked environmental disruptions such as desertification, biodiversity loss and floods.

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