An eco-rock gig-theatre musical, designed to light a fire inside your belly to go out and fight for truth, to fight for climate justice, to fight for the world

UK | 27 July 2019 – ongoing

HouseFire is an original gig-theatre musical award winning writers P Burton- Morgan (In the Willows, The Rhythmics) and Felix Hagan (Operation Mincemeat). It exists across both live and digital platforms as a stage show and UK tour, as an album on Spotify, as 3 music videos and as a mockumentary (the eco equivalent of Spinal Tap). This award will allow us to expand the tour, and therefore the audience reach of the show. The story follows a trio of endangered animals who form a rock band to protest against the climate crisis. Leo, the snow leopard lead singer, rages against the annihilation of their world, Ginger the Orangutan on guitar, has her own tale to tell about the traumas of deforestation, while Alan the elephant is keeping time on the drums. But their newly rebranded group ‘HouseFire’ is under threat from their corporate manager getting them to pander to the very capitalist system they want to destabilize. Entering Britain’s Got Talent seems a great way to reach more people with their message, but will it force them to compromise on their politics? As tensions rise and the pressure puts a strain on their already fractious relationships, is it all just too little too late…

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