United Mountains of Europe

United Mountains of Europe

Four mountaineer-women head out on an adventure across the continent to gather the voices of the European people in a Declaration of the Rights of the Mountains, which calls for respect, responsibility and sustainability

Europe | 15 May 2021 – ongoing

United Mountains of Europe is a project dedicated to the future of the mountains – created by 4 young outdoors enthusiasts, professionals in responsible tourism and active for many years in the fight against the climate crisis.

The initiative involves various activities carried out in different stages. The starting point is a journey through the mountains of Europe, listening to their voices.

The journey’s legs were chosen for their symbolic value in the mountain’s safeguard – from water pollution to glaciers melting, from hydrogeological instability to mass tourism. The aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to travel reducing one’s carbon footprint and to approach the mountains responsibly – taking advantage of the various means of transport and sports such as mountain biking, kayaking, paragliding, rock climbing, mountaineering, speleology, trekking.

Each leg gives the opportunity of meeting individual and collective realities promoting virtuous actions in regard to climate, nature and the communities. Therefore, the journey merges in a single voice the hopes, doubts, critiques and opportunities within the European mountains.

This initial phase has seen the collection of records (photographs, videos, interviews, drawings) for the realization of a movie and a picture book. The collected material is also used for the creation of educational paths for schools.

Lastly, the long-term action proposes the redaction of a document, the Declaration of the Mountain’s Rights, and the creation of a petition to bring the proposal to the European Parliament. The ultimate goal is the recognition of the mountains’ legal entity.

The voices of the mountains of Europe become symbols of a supportive and aware mountaineering that demands a de facto ecological transition.

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