Explaining climate change and its implications, down to earth

Italy | 8 December 2018 – ongoing

Duegradi is an Italian platform and web magazine on climate change. It is led by a group of volunteer young professionals from different backgrounds – social scientists, environmental engineers, economists, communicators – who came together with the idea to produce information on climate change for an italian audience. Hence, Duegradi is about climate science, but it also explores the multifaceted socio-economic implications, as well as the global political challenges, posed by climate change. Furthermore, it provides ideas of actionable steps that the readers can undertake to reduce their carbon footprint and further spread science-based information on climate change. Duegradi’s main dissemination platforms are its website (https://www.duegradi.eu) and its social media channels, including Instagram (duegradi.eu) and Facebook (duegradi).

The project has been running for two years and a half, with its intent unchanged: to produce high-quality information that is accessible to all, both in terms of language used (in written or visual form) and costs (all content is free). We firmly believe that accessible, reliable information and a space for debate are the prerequisite for a thriving democracy and for understanding the climate challenge in an increasingly complex world. Our underlying conviction remains that only an informed and conscious public opinion can trigger the amount of political, social and economic changes needed to confront the climate crisis.

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