Play4Climate project

Play4Climate project

An innovative environmental education project to understand, discuss, and take action on climate change through play and fun

Lodi | Started on 01/03/2021 – Concluded on 30/07/2024

Play4Climate (P4C) is an innovative and free environmental project focused on energy, weather, and climate change for secondary schools. It is designed to be accessible both in-person (only within the province of Lodi) and online for all schools in Italy. The project aims to stimulate students’ interest, curiosity, and personal involvement through a series of activities characterized by a strong element of playfulness and storytelling, where immersion enhances and facilitates learning. P4C targets students aged 14 to 17 and aims to develop cross-curricular and interdisciplinary skills such as research and verification of information sources, cooperation in group work, and critical thinking development. The project has a narrative “plot” that tells and characterizes it, connecting different project steps and igniting the students’ desire to “discover how it ends.”

Play4Climate is divided into three interconnected stages driven by storytelling: in the first step (Debate – Argumentative discussion), selected project topics are explored and discussed. The second step is an online educational video game played by students who compete at school in small groups/teams using the available classroom or computer resources. In the third step (Escape room – Playful educational activity), the students will be called upon to overcome an engaging final challenge in the classroom, where, under the supervision of an educator, they must solve puzzles and problems to save the world from a climate catastrophe. Finally, the project includes an educational merit test called Play4Climate “Quiz Challenge,” offering valuable prizes. Its purpose is to increase engagement, motivate and challenge the students, stimulating their commitment, deepening the project’s topics, and actively participating in the educational initiative.

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