Climate Narrative Project / Mare Nostrum Theatre Project

Bringing together science, arts and the humanities to train a new generation of climate storytellers and galvanize climate action, using narrative arts to give a sense of urgency and humanity

US, Italy, France, Global | 4 April 2014 – ongoing

Bringing together science, arts and the humanities, the Climate Narrative Project seeks to train a new generation of climate storytellers, using the narrative arts (film, theatre, creative writing, visual arts, photography, spoke word, dance, music) to collaborate with science and interdisciplinary students, faculty, community organizations and municipal agencies to shape a more effective climate narrative and galvanize action.

Composed of actors, musicians and storytellers from 12 countries from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, the Mare Nostrum Theatre Project in Italy seeks to provide training and performance spaces for largely neglected voices of climate migration and environmental crises in Africa, Asia and the Americas, and to bring together science with the narrative arts to address issues of drought, flooding, and environmental degradation and deforestation, as well as regeneration and village revitalization.

Both Projects are based on science-driven investigative questions: What accounts for the gap between science and action, and how can we create a new dialogue that recognizes the climate crisis and climate migration as long-term realities rather than fleeting issue or one-day disasters?

Both Projects are based on the belief that science matters, that good storytelling can change lives, and that our only hope for a livable future is through reaching our schools, our communities, our cities, and our policymakers with challenging, funny, astonishing and courageous stories.

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