HydroMeteoClimate Report for Emilia-Romagna – 2020

HydroMeteoClimate Report for Emilia-Romagna – 2020

Describing the observed climate variability in the context of climate change, using communication instruments aimed at reaching the general public in order to create awareness, increasing public involvement and competence on climate change and variability

Emilia-Romagna, Italy | 31 May 2021 – ongoing

The HydroMeteoClimate Report for Emilia-Romagna – 2020 describes the meteorological, hydrological and climatological variability observed in Emilia-Romagna in 2020, with particular attention to the relation of observed events to Climate Change. Efforts have been spent to improve scientific communication of the observed variability to the public through info-graphics, maps and time series, trying to foster the communication of sound scientific results using catchy graphic language.

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