Board Game: Another Strategy for Climate Change Education

Board Game: Another Strategy for Climate Change Education

Two themed board games that support education to spread climate knowledge to a wider community

Guangzhou | Started on 01/11/2022 – Concluded on 01/11/2024

Climate change games are becoming increasingly popular as a tool to support public climate education. These games are often more engaging than traditional educational approaches. However, many climate change games are only distributed to a small audience or may not be fun enough to attract people who are not interested in climate change issues. Educators may lack the knowledge of how to use these games to help students learn about the science behind climate change.

To address these issues, Enviroally has developed two themed board games that support education. Pacific Climate Adventure, a board game that features the culture of the Pacific Islands. Planet-E, another board game, includes examples of nature-based solutions, with the goal of raising awareness about both climate change and biodiversity. Both games were invited to showcase at COP27. National delegate from Pacific Island countries, in particular, were supportive of the games.

Compared to other climate education projects that incorporate gaming elements, Enviroally’s board game offers several unique features: 1) Extensive research and testing have gone into developing four modes of use (Entertainment, Training, Workshop, and Classroom) to suit various backgrounds and teaching scenarios. 2) Enviroally plans to offer a free downloadable kit of Pacific Climate Adventures globally and to translate the game into different languages. 3) Enviroally aims to create a website to organize this information into a knowledge base using various media, such as pictures, videos, and dances, to facilitate multicultural exchange and co-creation with players and educators. 4) The board game enhances offline teaching and engagement, especially in areas with limited internet and electronic device access. We hopes to expand its reach to these regions and develop a children-friendly version of the game to train future climate actors and negotiators.

To realize more of the plans, we require technical and economic support.

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